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EMT,AEMT or Paramedic

Muleshoe, TX
Posted Sep 17, 2019

This is for a full-time position but we will consider a part time application as well. 

  1. Please fill out the few short questions here
  2. Upload a resume and any other documents you wish to provide such as certifications,licenses etc..

We will review this and contact you as necessary as we move through the hiring process. Thank you for your interest in applying with us. 


Perform highly responsible, life sustaining work by promoting the health, survival, safety, comfort, and confidence of their patients. Respond to calls for service, communicate via two-way radio; maintain control of yourself as well manage situations encountered while responding to an emergency call. Assess and evaluate patients' needs and the need for additional assistance. Administer appropriate medical treatment and provide transportation to the most appropriate facility. Communicate with medical personnel via radio, as well as in person. Provide proper documentation for all medical treatment, as well as other required documentation. Maintain emergency vehicles, equipment and supplies. Be responsible to yourself and others by performing their duties safely. Provide leadership for new members and assist them with their orientation. Perform other related tasks as necessary. Positively promote and support the EMS department on a local, regional, and state level.



1. Respond to EMS calls.

2. Provide "standard of care" expected of Emergency Medical Technicians.

3. Communicate with law enforcement, EMS, and other health care professionals. 

4. Provide adequate documentation for all patient contacts (Including billing information

and required signatures.)

5. Operate and maintain department vehicles as required by local, state, and federal law.

6. Be responsible to your self and to others by performing duties safely.

7. Comply with requirements of the service infection control plan. 

8. Comply with all requirements of the service medical director.

9. Comply with the County as well as the Department policy and procedure manual. 

10. Maintain educational requirements as required by the Texas Department of Health and

the services medical director.

11. Continually improve knowledge and skills through continuing education and new training.

12. Work independently and complete all tasks as assigned in the absence of direct supervision.

13. Maintain a clean appearance; demonstrate professional and ethical behavior.

14. Keep work area clean, safe and well maintained.

15. In special situations may be called in to work hours other than those normally assigned. 



High School diploma, or GED supplemented by the Basic Emergency Medical Technician course, and a current department approved CPR Course. Be at least 18 years of age. Satisfactorily complete the Service orientation program and probationary period.


Have a valid Texas Driver license, a good driving record and be insurable through County insurance.

Be willing to upgrade certification level within two years, if requested by the department.


Experience: certification requirements completed for current level of certification; one year of field experience is desired. Knowledge of operation of all equipment on department vehicles, knowledge of policies and procedures of the EMS department and Bailey County, and knowledge of service treatment protocols. Possess the ability to perform at your level of certification. Understand and follow or verbal and written instructions. Successfully complete medical direction protocol exam. Establish and maintain positive effective working relationships with co-workers, other city employees, county officials, other health care professionals and the public.



Varies according to number and nature of calls. Ability to lift a stretcher bearing a patient of average weight (150 pounds). Carry patients and equipment up or down stairs; withstand rigors of vehicle extrication and special rescue situations. Sit, stand, stoop/crouch, or bend in unusual manner for extended periods.



Varies according to number and nature of calls. Be able to work 24-hour shifts. 



Emergency Medical Service vehicle, all medical, emergency and life support equipment used on service vehicles; telephone, fax machine, copier, document shredder, calculator, and personal computer.



Includes but is not limited to latex gloves, goggles, gown, and face shield or bunker gear. The department will furnish all personal protective equipment.



Includes any number of hazards that are impossible to predict. Totally dependent on the situation.