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Basse's Online Application (For New Employees)

Colgate Rd, Wisconsin, USA
Posted Apr 2, 2020

We need YOU to help us grow memories for the young and young at heart! 

Come join our farm FAMILY as we create an environment in which families come to enjoy lasting traditions and cherished memories!  

We are looking to hire for our Strawberry and Fall season only at this time: 

  • Strawberry season is usually 2-4 weeks, weather depending (mid-June to early July)
  • Fall season is usually 6 weeks, weather depending (mid -Sept. to Oct. 31st)

Employment Positions Available:

  • General Cashier
  • Store Cashier 
  • U-Pick Cashier
  • Ticket Sales Cashier
  • Strawberry Fest Field Attendee
  • Apple Fest Orchard Attendee
  • Pumpkin Fest Attendee (weekends + weekdays)
  • Pumpkin Fest Attendee (weekends only)
  • Pumpkin Fest Performers (pig races, mascot, story telling, singing, music, (talented? tell us!))
  • Concessions 
  • Cooking, Food Service (ex. making donuts)
  • Tractor Drivers (experience required)
  • Pumpkin Pickers (weekdays, end of Sept.&Oct.)