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Body instructor

Montréal, QC
Posted Jan 29, 2019

Are you a passionate person?

Are you outgoing & energetic?

Are you caring and meticulous?

Do you want to make peoples day absolutely awesome?

Do you want to be inspired and inspire others?

What's b.cycle all about?

b.cycle is a place where people come to let go. A place where they come as they are, where they are inspired and motivated to defy their expectations. It's where they come to have fun, and where they leave feeling empowered and proud of themselves!

Where do you come in?

You build and lead a 45 (or 60) minute physical and musical experience that gets your clients of all levels to channel their inner athlete, while having the time of their lives!n The goal is to get them to pulse until they burn and shake, discovering muscles they never knew existed!!


Able to give at least 2 classes per week ... (2-4 hr commitment)

Exclusivity to b.cycle

We believe in teamwork, so instructors are expected to help wherever they are needed.


Have to have attended a minimum of  4 barre classes (preferably with different instructors), as well as 1 spin class at our studio.

Must be able to speak both French and English fluently.

A passion for fitness and/or b.cycle.

 Ability to connect with music; to move with rhythm, keep time and anticipate the next beat drop ;)

Ability to connect with people, to inspire and captivate others.


There are 3 steps: your demo video, the audition in studio, and  the training (which will take about 6-8 wks).

To apply, please send us a video of yourself including:

2 songs: 

  • planks / push up series (one song) 
  • ball in legs series (one song)

We’re looking at:

  • your technique
  • your personality
  • your musicality
  • how you cue the exercise set up, and/ or postural cues
  • your ability to speak in both languages

Please create your demo using YouTube (set privately), and send us the link.