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Lead Teacher

Mankato, MN
Posted Nov 24, 2019

When you join our team as a Lead Teacher you will:

  1. Ensure the safety and health of children by creating and adapting a safe and stimulating environment of learning.
  2. Provide a consistent, positive, nurturing environment.                                                     
  3. Cultivate positive relationships with families, teachers, state licensing authorities, community contacts, and corporate partners.
  4. Be a proactive partner with parents by communicating with parents on a daily basis to discuss the development of their enrolled children and to better understand how to better serve the needs of families.
  5. Ensure the Child Care Program Plan is being implemented accurately and continually search for ways to improve the plan annually.                                     
  6. Work alongside other teachers and staff in Implementing projects derived from the Creative Curriculum structure while also remaining flexible to the learning opportunities that children present in the classroom.
  7. Actively participate in a group setting by co-creating lesson plans appropriate for each child’s social, emotional, educational and health needs that are play-based in nature.                                                    
  8. Support the children by developing and implementing program activities and play opportunities that meet each child’s social, emotional, educational and health needs.
  9. Become a documenter and observer in the classroom by completing daily records for each child.
  10. Ensure opening and closing duties are completed as assigned. 
  11. Prepare reports to CPS and/or DHS to ensure the safety and well-being of all children cared for at the center.
  12. Attend professional and personal development training.