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Data Analyst

Salt Lake City, UT
Posted Jun 8, 2020

 The Front is looking for an experienced Data Analyst who will enable data-driven decision making and solve business challenges with systems and technology. This will include data modeling, database querying, pulling unstructured data, statistical modeling, and utilizing data visualization to produce analytics and reports to enhance business performance. We are looking for someone who has the technical know-how and practical business skills to contribute to our innovative, progressive, and growing organizations. 

This position will be working with management to design, develop, integrate, deploy, and maintain business-critical systems across several platforms. You must have the ability to prioritize and adjust goals and demands as the company evolves and changes. Two years of business analytics experience is required, ideally with general programming skills, and experience with FileMaker plug-ins and/or API integrations. We are looking for excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to address a wide range of programming and technical challenges while collaborating with management to develop operational improvements.