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Holland, MI
Posted Feb 18, 2019

Lemonjello's hires as needed when someone on staff leaves.

Be patient. Come in and get to know us. 

Folks tend to stick around for a long time, so we will respond only when we are hiring and if we are interested.

Currently, we may be hiring 1-2 folks this summer, but we are still waiting on staff schedules.

Please upload a current résumé and give us a thoughtful answer to why you want to work with us.

Right now, we will only consider applicants who have weekend availability (including Sunday, our busiest day) because we are a weekend heavy business like most of the service industry.


Your Core Mission as a Lemonjello's Barista:

- Provide exemplary customer service

- Make & serve quality beverages 

- Maintain the space and atmosphere in an effort to encourage our customers to make this their “third space”

Reports to: Owner & Management


We ask 4 main things of our barista team:

1. That you love coffee and related beverages and want to learn to make & serve them at the highest quality.

2. That you love coffeehouse culture and the idea that this is a “third place" (away from home & work) for a lot of people. That you want to invest in these people and in Lemonjello's as the kind of space that centers around building community.

3. That you are committed to active and ongoing education to improve your knowledge of the coffee industry and your skills as a barista.

4. That you are willing to be an active part of our team, committed to supporting your fellow baristas, communicating clearly, getting involved with staff & store events, and serving our customers to the best of your ability.




- Greet everyone in a prompt, professional, friendly manner

- Learn the names & regular drinks of your customers

- Provide solutions to problems

- Treat all customers respectfully

- Share new products & upcoming events

- Communicate comments of satisfaction or concern to manager


Sales and Orders

- Accurately & swiftly fill orders

- Suggest alternative products when an item is out of stock or no longer available

- Recommend additional products that someone may have interest in

- Educate folks on values/features of our products or services 

- Present drinks & package items in an attractive manner

- Correctly ring sales & count back change

- Correctly process credit cards, gift cards, rewards & coupons


Quality Control

- Produce all products to Lemonjello’s standards without fail

- Sell only products that meet Lemonjello’s quality standards 

- Stock items to recommended inventory levels

- Inform the manager of stock shortages or outages

- Restock & attractively organize baked goods, POS, fridges, & other displays

- Identify areas for quality improvement and do something to help

- Assist in the resolution of quality problems



- Keep the guest area (tables-floor-counters, condiment station, glass surfaces) clean and free from waste (tables should be checked at least every 15 minutes, other surfaces should be maintained on a daily basis as needed) 

- Keep up on dishes by regularly checking the dish bins (every 10-15 minutes) and properly using the Wash-Rinse-Sanitize-Air Dry method.

- Clean & stock restrooms regularly (if you go to the bathroom on shift, you should check to see if anything needs to be tidied up or stocked and you should do it)

- Maintain all equipment to Lemonjello’s standards

- Complete all shift & cleaning responsibilities as outlined by manager

- Maintain clean & safe non-guest areas (behind the counter, pump house, etc.)

- Maintain areas around the outside of the store to company and health department standards (patio, planters, bike racks, the back entrance)

-Be able to lift up to 50 lbs.


Personal & Administrative

- Arrive at work on-time and know the days & shifts you're scheduled

- Be ready to work when you clock-in

- Be up to date with Slack messages & emails before your shift

- Complete requests for time off, time-cards, & other personal paperwork accurately and in a timely manner

- Attend staff trainings & mandatory meetings on-time and ready to participate & learn

- Engage in educating yourself on products and the barista trade, utilizing other baristas, trade magazines, the Internet, and other resources available

- Maintain a neat appearance in compliance with the company standards & Health Department regulations

- Treat your fellow staff members with respect - be a team player

-Comply with the Lemonjello's Code of Conduct

- Mentor new baristas by being an example and helping them learn both tasks of the job and how to become a better barista