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Millcreek Store Manager

Cottonwood Heights, UT
Posted Jan 23, 2020

 Ski ‘N See shops are a locally owned and operated company that have been serving the Utah ski and snowboard community since 1987. Our store managers enjoy a fast paced environment,  while building customer loyalty and trust by providing exemplary customer experience, maintaining a highly competent staff, and overseeing the daily operations of a store. You will be accountable for maximizing sales, balancing inventory, reducing shrinkage, appropriately staffing, and managing payroll efficiency.  

Ski 'N See offers great benefits for it's managers including health insurance, 401k, education reimbursement, access to corporate ski passes and many more! 


1. Store must meet or exceeds its seasonal Net Promoter Score goal. 

2. Store meets or exceeds average # of items in cart goal

3. Store meets or exceeds weekly revenue goal.

4. Stores are staffed appropriately and meets or exceeds payroll efficiency goals.

5. Standards maintained in the store continually and consistently.

6. Attendance at monthly store meetings is 100% and individual follow up discussion held weekly.

7. Interpret and utilize data provided to make real time adjustments to meet goals. 

8. Prostaff are hired and trained by November 15.

9.  In-season turnover is less than 3 employees.


1. Train and support your Prostaff on customer service standards, operating procedures, and selling techniques. 

2. Monitor, coach, and motivate your Prostaff to meet daily operational and revenue goals. 

3. Create Store work schedules to properly staff store while staying within payroll budgets. 

4. Maintain store appearance conditions, operating equipment and merchandising standards. 

5. Collaborate and cooperate with other managers. 

6. Work with Buyers and Warehouse Manager to balance store inventory levels. 

7. Support the online store by managing the picking of sold inventory daily. 


1. Team player - Supports all functions of the company.

2. High Employee Satisfaction - Strive for excellence in employee satisfaction. (Put People First)

3. Agent of Change - Accept and pursue transformation that focuses on effectiveness, improvement, and development. 

4. Detail-oriented - Shows rigorous and meticulous attention to detail.

5. Good Listener - Listens attentively and understands what is being said.

6. Innovative - Uses original thinking to generate new ideas and solutions.

7. Independent - Functions effectively without assistance or direction from others.

8. Personable - Has a friendly, approachable and outgoing style.

9. Hard-working - Works vigorously, often putting in long hours.

10. Optimistic - Maintains a consistently positive attitude. 


· 3+ Years Industry Experience

· Proven Leadership and Motivational Skills

· Demonstrate Strong Organizational Skills 

· Ability to effectively translate Vision into Results

· Entrepreneurial  Aptitude

· Current UT Driver’s  License

· Ability to work weekends, holidays, & evenings