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Distribution Specialist

El Dorado Hills, CA
Posted Jul 5, 2020

SlideBelts, Inc. is a fashion tech startup whose office and distribution center is located in El Dorado Hills. This position will be responsible for preparing and shipping out products directly to our eCommerce customers and distribution locations all over the world. With this also includes returns, exchanges, and superior guest service in person, and over phone and email. Position availability is for a part-time hire, 15-35 hours per week. Hours may vary and will be scheduled within our normal business hours of Monday-Friday 8a-4p.

  • Competitive starting wage
  • Flexible hours that fit your schedule (and no nights or weekends. Yay!)
  • Accruing paid time off
  • 401(k)
  • Free and discounted product
  • Relaxed and modern atmosphere (and dress code) 
  • To add to this already awesome group of people


  • Accurately prepare outbound eCommerce shipments and ensure all orders are processed in a timely manner
  • Keep up with fluctuating demand and prioritize tasks
  • Ensure a neat, clean and organized area throughout the stockroom; perform assigned cleaning duties as necessary
  • Take an urgent approach to the daily tasks. Maintain efficiency and speed while also maintaining the SlideBelts standard of quality
  • Deliver above-and-beyond guest service primarily through phone and email communications


  • Able to meet and maintain productivity and efficiency goals within a fast paced environment
  • General awesomeness and a sense of humor (: 
  • Self-starter; self-sufficient
  • Above average attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills; ability to communicate down, across and up within the organization
  • High school diploma or equivalent education.
  • Minimum of 1-3 years experience in related retail or customer service experience.
  • PC literate; MS Office: Outlook, Word, Excel.
  • Employees may be required to stand for extended periods of time, and occasionally lift heavy objects.

Our Company Core Values:

  • Own it: This is your work life, you’re in charge. The area of responsibility that you were hired for, is yours to own. We hold ourselves accountable to our actions and contributions of all forms. We make results, not excuses, and we act like we own the company, because we all do. We are independent decision makers.
  • There’s Gotta Be a Better Way: This company was built on a “there must be a better way” attitude, and continuing to seek better solutions for our own processes and the processes we encounter, practices deep critical thinking and problem solving. To do this, we must never let personal bias get in the way of finding truth, and we must be willing to be wrong. We must question each process or idea, whether it is ours to begin with or not. We must never stop optimizing ourselves, our processes, our products, etc.
  • Data Data Data: We are data driven decision makers because we know data doesn’t lie. We seek it out to better understand ourselves, our work and our company. We rely on it largely for decision making and to eliminate bias. We use it to be aware of just what results we are contributing to on an individual and communal basis. 
  • Speak Up: Be radically candid and crystal clear in your communication. Be real, authentic, and as honest as possible in every interaction. Argue like you’re right, but listen like you’re wrong.  Care personally and assume good intent, and always direct your communications to people who can help fix the problem.  As borrowed from Allison Green: "The stakes are high if you don’t speak up...not speaking up means not having perfectly reasonable conversations, in the name of avoiding minor awkwardness. If you speak up—not adversarially, not aggressively, just calmly and matter-of-factly—you’ll build a reputation as someone who’s able to navigate tough situations with relative grace. You’ll also significantly improve your quality of life at work, because when you speak up appropriately, you improve your working conditions and relationships.”
  • Embrace the Burden: Managers are bosses. You are the CEO of your team. Managers are representatives of the company and leadership team at all times. It is both a burden and a privilege, and one that we must recognize and respect. Leaders hold themselves to a higher standard. 
  • Define Success: Successful leaders provide clear and attainable goals, then recognize when they are accomplished. They define success as well as failure for their team; they hold their team accountable to agreed upon parameters.

And finally, it's important to know that we are building a dream team, and you'll be part of that. We adhere closely to this quote from Reed Hastings: "Being on a dream team is not right for everyone, and that is OK. Many people value job security very highly and would prefer to work at companies whose orientation is more about stability, seniority, and working around inconsistent employee effectiveness. Our model works best for people who highly value consistent excellence in their colleagues.” -Reed Hastings & Patty McCord, Netflix