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Crew Member Somers Point

Somers Point, NJ
Posted Mar 29, 2021

 We have a unique work environment where you are trained to work every position in the restaurant. From the register, to the grill, to morning prep and evening close, our crew members become a team working in all aspects of the restaurant.

We have an open kitchen experience so its fun and its loud with lots of team communication. The crews burger creation is part of the customer experience.

So, what does it take to be a successful Tony Beef crew member?

• Energy & Stamina its a team-based work environment and crew energy is important.

• Ability To Work At A Fast Pace Our kitchens have a lot going on and there is lots of on-the-line communication and job rotation. Its not for everybody.

• Good Communication Our crew is vocal and supports and works with each other on what is happening real-time during each shift.

• Caring About Your Teammates Always working for the success of your team.

Job duties include but are not limited to the preparation of cooking ingredients, production of high quality burger/sides from start to finish and daily cleaning requirements, said person will be responsible for quality checking all items before it reaches customers to ensure 100% satisfaction rate.

Candidate is responsible for maintaining clean and safe work environment by keeping orderly kitchen and counter. (washing dishes sanitizing surfaces, taking out trash etc.)

Tony Beef is looking for motivated people to grow within the industry. Preferred candidate is a team player with a few years of experience, said person should have flexible availability and willing to work between our two locations.

Work location -Somers Point, NJ

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: Starting @ $14.00 per hour