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 Please be prepared for questions in interview based off the information below:

Crew/Team Members: Responsible for maintenance of building, cleaning/trash/bathrooms, etc. Must be able to direct or inform guests for any general questions about organizations going on for the day. Must check in with according managers on the schedule with them for any additional work that may need done. Crew members are also responsible to ensure that all changeovers are completed accordingly. All employees should know how the building operates/functions and should be able to handle usual daily tasks. (locks, learning which keys are used for what, where usual items are stored, lights, speakers, codes for doors, bubble ball setup, how to greet on the phone, TV’s, lockers, etc.) .  Crew members are responsible for checking all clients in with our new COVID Policy(refer to our home page  

May be used in the 614 Grille when necessary. All crew members are expected to report any issues or discrepancies to the next highest ranked staff member on duty. If the problem still cannot be solved, it is brought to the attention of the highest ranked manager. (Hours per week depend on schedule and availability. Range from 0-40 hours per week)

All TTE employees - Must be able to answer general questions about the facility. Must know how to read schedule and check for availability. All employees should be familiar with navigating the website and finding information before directing a client to a sport manager. Must be able to answer general questions that can be found on flyers, on the website, or under, “groups” in ezfacility. Must know where all cleaning supplies are located and how to use them. All employees should be able to print out & edit scores, book rentals including birthday parties, and accept payments other than sport manager/club invoice payments. All employees are expected to chip in and help enter waivers during down time. Everyone is expected to be able to successfully handle general labor and maintenance. This may include receiving & handling of shipments/packages and various deliveries, both incoming and outgoing. All employees also must make sure they carry a walkie talkie on them during their shift and should make sure a phone is being carried with someone if no one is present in the office.

Looking for employees able to work week nights and weekends (morning, afternoon, night).


If applying please be ready to answer questions about the job description in interviews.

Job Type: Part-time

Pitman, NJ